You Heard It Here: Decisions Decisions

How often have you come across a crossroads in life where you have make a decision that will decide your life for the foreseeable future? Usually, I imagine they don’t come along that often. Recently I had to make one of those decisions.

By now, most everyone knows that my background is in show business and very recently I’ve gotten back into my dialogue coach work on a new sitcom. (Don’t get me wrong, I love writing, but until I become a best seller, I still need to pay the mortgage! <G>  But I digress.) I love the cast, crew and exec producers of my show, so when I was offered a job working on another show closer to home, I had to consider it. I really agonized over this dilemma. The new show is closer to home and would probably entail less hours and certainly less work required of me because I really only had one cast member who needed me. I took everything under consideration… the commute, the schedule and how it works with my family, the working environment. I made my pros and cons list which was fairly detailed. I have to say the new show won in the pros department, but I decided to stay with my current show mainly because I got attached to the cast. Every one is so wonderful and funny and I didn’t have the heart to leave them. So, yes, I drive a longer distance and work more hours, but I’m happy knowing that I have a place to go everyday where the people appreciate what I do and they love me anyway. <G> I’m happy with my decision and now I just need the show to be a hit so I can pay my mortgage for the next half dozen years or so.

Here’s a pic of me with some of the cast members from a recent episode. If you have kids, you may or may not recognize the young man on the far right.

What about you? Any major life decisions that you were glad you made… or maybe not so glad?