You Heard It Here: iPhone

As most of you know… it’s birthday month and for my birthday I received a much needed new phone. But not just ANY new phone. I got an iPhone! Do I love it? Really? Need you ask? I adore it! Yes, I know the new iPhone 5s are coming out… like NOW, but I really couldn’t wait and I’m so thrilled with my 4s that I’m not unhappy in the least. (Not to mention that because the 5s were so near to release, I got my 4s for a song! Doesn’t get better than that!)

My old phone – which shall be aptly called from this point on POS – is now history. Thank God. That thing stunk. It was discontinued shortly after I bought it. Naturally. But I digress…

My new phone… Dare I use the word – orgasmic? Yes, that’s how much I love it. I’m comparing it to orgasms. (That is so wrong. Yet on the road to the truth nevertheless.) And the case…don’t even get me started on the joy of my Mophi. It’s a charger too. Between the phone battery and the charger, my phone has a solid 12 hours of go time. Yay!

I’ll be chalking this birthday up to an absolute success. This is also my last chance in September to wish Dangerous Race a happy belated first birthday!!

What about you? Any favorite b-day gifts?