You Heard It Here: Hollywood Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween I wracked my brain trying to think of a good Hollywood Halloween story. Though I have a couple that revolve around a cast dressing up for rehearsals, the earliest one I remember is on Roseanne when we were shooting our first Halloween episode. (Roseanne was a big Halloween lover. It was bigger than Christmas to her. LOL.) Anyway… if any of you have seen the episode where Darlene and Becky are stirring the green goop on a big pot on the stove, I played the hand that comes out to reach for them (in rehearsals all week). Darlene struggles to keep the hand in the pot. It was fun, but I’m pretty sure I got the job because I was small and could fit under the cabinet. <G> Since I don’t have any pics from my days on the set then, here’s a pic of some my cast this year on my new show.

We have a sheriff in the house. Michael Jackson, meow kitty, gnarly hockey player, high school dude and down in front, mini Shaft. (BTW- Yes, that’s me giving my description… the cast may disagree with me. LOL.)

What about you? How was your Halloween? Did you dress up? If so, spill. Inquiring minds want to know!


RWA Conference Follow-up.

What a week! RWA has wrapped its conference for 2012 and Anaheim may never be the same! There is no place else in the world where such lovely, sharing, caring people come together than at an RWA conference. (Notice I said people, because as women heavy as the conference is there are always a few men and I don’t want to exclude them! Waving at Tom, Rick and Larry specifically. <G>)
So tell me about your conference experience. Did you pitch? Did you walk up to Nora and get your picture taken with her. (Rick, I know your answer already!!) Who did you meet? Who did you see? Who did you go fangirl/boy over?

You tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine!

Last Chance to Win Danger Zone!

I can’t believe the next time I’m here it’s going to be announcing the release of Dangerously Close!

Thanks to everyone who came by and congrats to all the winners this week. I hope you enjoy Danger Zone and are primed and ready for Dangerously Close!

The last question of the week:

How man of you like to read stories with animals? Dogs, cats, monkey, whatever? Do you like characters to have furry (or scaly) friends?

Danger Zone Give Away!

Only one more week until Dangerously Close hits the cyber shelves!

To celebrate, I’m giving away one copy of Danger Zone every day until Friday.

Comment for a chance to win and remember, if you don’t win one day, you can try again the next! Every day is a fresh start!

For anyone who missed a chance to win Dangerous Race, you can use this coupon code for the month of July and save 20%. CPRS20OFF0712. Check Just Romantic Suspense to find out how you can get other titles at the same discount!

Do you think reading romance gives you a brighter outlook on life? Do you find yourself more hopeful when life gets tough? I’d love to know your thoughts. (Don’t forget to leave your email address. )