You Heard It Here: Happiness Is

Since I make the first post of the month something about Hollywood, I decided to talk about the things that make me happy in the last post of the month. (That leaves the middle for everything in between!)

So… lately, I’ve been trying to focus on the good things in my life. Those that know me, know I’m fairly easy to please. I love my family, dogs and Chai lattes. I love my new day job and being back on the set. I love my new Prius. Wait… I’ve killed 5 blogs already with this list, so I’ll slow down.

This month is an easy one:
Happiness is the pride I feel while watching my husband direct multiple episodes of a new Disney show. He’s worked so hard to get to this place where everyone appreciates his ability to find humor even when it isn’t written in the script. Not to mention the fact that he makes it look effortless as he puts his vision on camera. Here he is with the star of the show, “Crash and Bernstein,” Cole Jensen.

I guess I could embellish this a little more and say happiness is loving the man I married twenty-three years ago even more as I watch his dreams come true.

What about you? What makes you happy? Are you easy to please? Do you find enjoyment from the simple things in life?


You Heard It Here: The Neighbors

Most people deal with it at some point. Having bad neighbors can be life altering. Whether they live above you and pound on your roof like elephants gone wild, or live next door to you and blast the music so loud it rocks the pictures on the walls, living near people that have no common courtesy is an absolute ball-buster.

Then there are those neighbors who save us on a regular basis. The ones who are there to take in our trashcans while we’re at work and the rain is coming down. The neighbor who brings over extra birthday cake after their child’s party, or picks you up when you get a flat tire fifteen minutes from home.

I used to have the good kind until my neighbors of 22 years sold their house and moved. Now I have neighbors who don’t seem to understand that when they leave their dog alone all night long, he barks…all night long.

My neighbor situation arose after I wrote Dangerously Close where Mel was not originally happy about having a neighbor. (Especially since he thought he had a private mountain top to himself.) He initially thought his neighbor Ashley was going to be a problem and worried that she might uncover his secret. Then he found out she couldn’t see him. So what started out as a potentially bad neighbor situation turned into one that he could live with. Ultimately it turned into the best relationship of his life.

Have you ever had a bad start with a neighbor, only to end up later being great friends? Or the other way around? Did you start off with a good relationship and something happened to change it into an uncomfortable one?

You Heard It Here: Hollywood Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween I wracked my brain trying to think of a good Hollywood Halloween story. Though I have a couple that revolve around a cast dressing up for rehearsals, the earliest one I remember is on Roseanne when we were shooting our first Halloween episode. (Roseanne was a big Halloween lover. It was bigger than Christmas to her. LOL.) Anyway… if any of you have seen the episode where Darlene and Becky are stirring the green goop on a big pot on the stove, I played the hand that comes out to reach for them (in rehearsals all week). Darlene struggles to keep the hand in the pot. It was fun, but I’m pretty sure I got the job because I was small and could fit under the cabinet. <G> Since I don’t have any pics from my days on the set then, here’s a pic of some my cast this year on my new show.

We have a sheriff in the house. Michael Jackson, meow kitty, gnarly hockey player, high school dude and down in front, mini Shaft. (BTW- Yes, that’s me giving my description… the cast may disagree with me. LOL.)

What about you? How was your Halloween? Did you dress up? If so, spill. Inquiring minds want to know!