You Heard It Here: Life Imitates Art

Two days ago while Danica Patrick was running in first place during the Nationwide Series race in Montreal, someone threw a shoe onto the track. Danica rolled right over it. Imagine the velocity of the shoe when it kicked up under her car? You can guess… it did some damage. She lost a bracket under the car and ended up in 26th place.

Now, imagine what might’ve happened if she or anyone else rolled over that shoe at a different angle? There might have been a serious chain of events, especially with all those cars running so closely together. It makes every race a Dangerous Race.

When I came up with the idea for Dangerous Race, I never really thought that anyone would throw anything onto the track, but the reality is it’s a possibility (as shown on Saturday when this happened to Danica). If you want to check out what happens when a race car goes over oil on the track… check out the first book in the Adrenaline Highs series. Dangerous Race.

Personally, I’m not nearly brave enough to want to race cars for a living. What about you? Are you a daredevil? Do you like to live life on the edge? Do you like high octane fun?


Letting Loose

I very recently took a trip to my hometown of El Paso, Texas to visit family. I’ve discovered that when I visit in the summer time, I’m usually in for at least one lightning storm… especially when it’s hot. There’s nothing like a good old Texas heat/lightning/thunder storm.

My daughter took this awesome picture and it was only one of many. (So hard to pick just one!) Okay… a little late, but here’s another:

And one more:

Okay, I lied… this is the last one. For reals. <G>

Mother nature really knows how to let loose and I guess I took some advice the following night when my daughter and I went on a road trip with cousins. We drove about 30 minutes or so into New Mexico (for a great Mexican dinner!) in a Jeep with no windows and the stereo blasting. Talk about reverting to high school! It was awesome! So much fun to let loose and enjoy the best parts of life.
How about you? Let loose lately? What did you do to let off steam?

You Heard It Here: Remember Me?

It’s the first of the month, which means it’s time for another Hollywood story. Since I’ve given you a few that happened so many years ago, I thought I’d tell you something recent.

A few of you may be aware that I worked on Roseanne twenty years ago. (I was Roseanne’s stand-in and dialogue coach.) You also may or may not be aware that she recently shot a new pilot for NBC co-starring John Goodman. (No they were not reprising their roles on Roseanne. They played different characters in a different situation and they weren’t married.) Many of the old crew members were called to work on the show including me, and I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I knew it would be a great reunion.

Speaking of reunion, here’s a pic on set of some of my favorite people in the whole world.

Because the show was a bit on the high profile side (yes, that’s an understatement!), we had some fairly high profile people on the set. Two in particular stood out for me. The first was Ryan Reynolds. And, yes, he’s as gorgeous as you might think! I’ve never met him or worked with him, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying his presence. LOL. But the next guy I spotted… now he is a man I’d worked with. When I saw Matthew Perry, my jaw hit the floor. I hadn’t seen him in about twenty years. I worked  with him on his very first show on FOX called, Boys Will Be Boys. It later became Second Chance. Matthew was only sixteen at the time and he was just as funny then as he is now. I walked right up to him and said, “Matthew, you probably don’t remember me, but we worked together on Boys Will Be Boys.” Bless his heart… he smiled and shook my outstretched hand. “I do remember you!” he said. Well, even if he didn’t, he made my day! Later, when I had a few minutes we talked some more and it was great seeing him again. That’s the one thing about Hollywood… it’s a small town and it’s common to run into people at some point in time if you’ve worked with them in the past.

So, not only did I get a reunion from many of my Roseanne cohorts, but I also got an extra benefit to the gig. <G> (If only George Clooney would’ve stopped in! I think we were all hoping for that. LOL.)
What about you? Have you met up with an old acquaintance someplace you didn’t expect to see them?